Fulfilling Your Dreams Step-by-Step (Sort of)

May 22, 2019



I am a crow. I must be. I am afflicted with shiny-object syndrome and filling my "nest" with items that I must have for the betterment of my life. You know, like stashing away bolts of fabric for that tenth quilt pattern you WILL truly get to someday, or stacking shelves with supplies for making candles, or lining up bookcases with more how-to books than you remembered having that reference a myriad of topics you simply have to try before you're six-feet-under.


But am I a crow or simply someone who loves to dream and who follows those dreams in a rather twisty-turny sort of way?


Have you ever started pursuing a goal, diligently following a path that will someday lead you to that awesome moment of accomplishment, but then you're lured off in another direction by the shininess of something new and exciting?


It's happened to me countless times. Does that make me a crow or some other creature admiring the bright beauty of life?


I believe it makes me a dreamer. I'm a collector of sparks of inspiration that serve a purpose.


After raising a family, I went back to school. It was stressful. It was amazing. It got me another step closer to my new career.


I worked hard. I completed a MFA degree and along the way found other golden opportunities. Not all of these paths kept me going straight towards what I had originally deemed the way to fulfilling my goal of being an author.


I wrote some stories and continue to write during the in-between moments of my life. Writing is magical. But I also discovered soap and candle making. I've tied those things together so I now create story-inspired bath and beauty products. I've ventured around another corner, turning my dreams toward a new direction, and I'm loving it.



So, if you're doubting yourself about how "distracted" you get when you encounter something shiny that catches your eye, embrace it.


Fulfilling your dreams isn't really a step-by-step formula. Your dreams can change shape as you're influenced by what inspires you. Be grateful you still see life as a chance for creativity.


Bring home those shiny objects. You never know when something you do will be a glimmer of inspiration for someone else. 


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Fulfilling Your Dreams Step-by-Step (Sort of)

May 22, 2019

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