NEW YA Anthology Hits the Shelves: Love at the Edge of Seventeen

May 1, 2018






A YA Romance Anthology

From Stars and Stone Books


It's never easy to go through the fraught transition into adulthood, but the teens in

this anthology have more to deal with than most: super powers, magic,

illness, prejudice against sexual orientation and gender identity, and even death.

Fortunately, they all find love at the edge of seventeen.


Featuring: M.T. DeSantis, A.E. Hayes, Serena Jayne, Cara McKinnon, Mary

Rogers, and Kylie Weisenborn.



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See what the authors have to say about high school in this behind-the-scenes discussion:


The Love at the Edge of Seventeen Authors Weigh in on High School -



For our blog tour, we asked our authors how they felt about high school. Did they

love it? Hate it? Why or why not? Did they try to “fix” anything for their characters,

or was there anything they made sure to include?


M.T. DeSantis, “Be Null, My Heart”

When I was going through high school, I more or less hated it. Choir was the one

place I felt comfortable, and even that had its bad parts. Looking back, I didn’t really

hate it. I was just a teenager dealing with being a teenager. I couldn’t appreciate

that part of my life then. I do now, and I’m happy to report I really don’t have too

many regrets. I did what I enjoyed and made the most of it. I think Emma and her

friends in “Be Null, My Heart” are much the same. Just chugging along on the daily



A.E. Hayes, “Her First Fever”

I neither loved nor hated high school—it wasn’t particularly complicated, and unless

I was involved in writing, chorus, drama, or performing in a musical, I floated

through those four years. That is just—missing time in my life, in a very real sense.

High school was a nice escape from home, and an easy way to pass my time, but I

feel quite ambivalent about it.


Serena Jayne, “Dead Man’s Party”

High school had its ups and downs. There were some aspects I loved and some I

hated. Luckily, I was able to avoid frog dissection by taking Chemistry instead of

Biology, but I didn’t let Shay and Xander off the hook. The only times I got detention

were for talking to the cute guy in Social Studies. I remembered the frustration of

class getting in the way of my attempts to advance my love life. Alas, despite our

stolen moments in Social Studies, the adorable Keith and I were never a couple, but

Shay gets her guy.


Cara McKinnon, “Three Jagged Pieces”

I neither loved nor hated high school, overall. There were some parts that I look

back on with fondness, and I’ve tried to capture those for my characters (musicals,

parties and sleepovers with friends, falling in love). But other parts weren’t so great

(bullying, cliques, bad breakups causing rifts in friendships, terrible teachers, etc.) I

didn’t keep all of those things, but I didn’t exactly remove them, either. Bullying was

something I felt I had to keep, because it is a very real problem that doesn’t seem to

be going away, despite all of the well-meaning efforts of teachers.


Mary Rogers, “The Crayon Thief”

I SUPER enjoyed high school. I had a great time, and I went to school in a great

place. We had The City at my right hand, The Hamptons (where I went to college) at

my left, the Great South Bay as my backyard, and Fire Island and beaches

everywhere. The times had their trials, but not like today. Today, things are a little

harder, and I want to respect that.


Kylie Weisenborn, “Now I Am”

I did not like it, and to be honest, I think I almost completely ignored the whole

concept of high school drama in my story. I’m not sure if that was a conscious

decision or not...


––If you're like me, then what the authors have shared about high school will resonate with you. And, if that's the case, then you won't want to miss reading these amazing stories to discover more about Love at the Edge of Seventeen.


––Find out more about the book and the authors at the links below:








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