Are Paperbacks Doomed?

April 9, 2018

The digital age has overtaken traditional books, such as the beloved beach-read paperback. But many of us still love the feel of paper as we sit in our favorite reading spot.


I've joined a group of authors who are determined to keep paperback novels in the hands of those who can't wait to flip the page and devour story upon story.


Now you can be part of this movement with a paperback giveaway!


Click here to enter:



Choose the stories you want to read with this awesome 30 book giveaway!


Remember to check the box that gives us permission to sign you up!


I'm featuring BRIMSTONE, book two of my Sleepy Hollow Hunter series.





Lykoi shifter Janda Gray has spent the last year as a Sleepy Hollow Hunter and has finally been given a major case—capture the Headless Horseman before he can obtain the missing half of his skull mask and regain his power as a demon’s assassin.

But a surprise attack by the horseman leaves Janda and her werepanther lover, Alexander Holden, caught in the underworld. Alex sacrifices himself to send her through the veil of death and back to the world of the living.

Janda’s no longer hunting the Headless Horseman for the money.

Now it’s personal.

With the help of her vampire friend, a wolf shifter, and a ghost witch, Janda's determined to save Alex or die trying—either way, she’ll be with him again. But what she discovers could change her entire perception of death. 




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