The Ripple Effect of Life

February 2, 2018

I haven't posted in a while and for good reason. Life. You know, that everyday existence that can sometimes bring you to your knees and make you ponder the big question--why?


Yep, that happened.


In the last quarter of 2017 my family experienced two deaths. First, my mother, the woman who always listened and always encouraged me to reach for my dreams, passed away.


Then three months later, on December 1, my mother-in-law died from injuries sustained in a car accident.


In the midst of all of this, my daughter had to undergo major surgery. She did well but her recovery is a slow process.


I also released the digital version of Brimstone, book two in my Sleepy Hollow Hunter series, at the end of November.


The ripple effect of not one, but three major life events has had a profound impact on my writing life. I'm just now getting caught up on the many items that had to be let go in order to survive the emotional tsunami. But survive we have and will continue to do for as long as there are the loving memories that sustain us in times like this.


Buoyed by the knowledge that my loved ones are forever with me, I'm looking forward to a happy and productive year ahead.


To start, I have finally managed to get the print version of Brimstone up for sale. It was an exciting experience. I created my first cover design, which I used for the digital copy and then expanded on for the print copy. The act of creating something brought great joy, and I'm sure my mother would have been pleased to see how it turned out.



I learned new skills, tackled publishing obstacles, and discovered how much I love design work. I even played with 3=D images using templates. Now I just need to learn how to get readers to leave reviews when they've told me how much they enjoyed the book. I'm thrilled they like it. Yet, I'd love to see more readers engaged by leaving reviews. As they say, life is a learning process.



It feels good to be writing again and making artwork that can be used for promotional purposes. The littlest things bring great joy. I'm letting that ripple spread through my life and that of my family. This year will be one of reflection, one of feeling the warmth of fond memories, and one of moving closer to fulfilling more of my writing dreams.

Thank you to everyone who has been there for me, in even the tiniest way, for the smallest pebble cast into the water can have a large impact on all that its ripples touch.




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