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October 28, 2017


Pennora saved her fairy village from a wildfire, but at a devastating cost—the loss of a wing. Now the role she was born into as a fairy of the vale and harbinger of spring has been irrevocably altered. Relegated to assisting the Matchmaker in the upcoming May Day Lover’s Match, Pennora is sent to a nearby human town to discover why Edward East’s name has appeared on the Matchmaker’s list. Edward is a simple man, living a quiet life as the town clockmaker, and paying off a debt his father left behind when he died in the forest fire. However, something is stirring within Edward—a longing for more than the cogs and gears he works with every day. Pennora is fascinated by the clockwork creations and their creator, but what she uncovers about Edward will change everything about her, including her broken wing and her chance at finding love.











I've decided to dive into the Kindle Unlimited world by entering the Girl with a Broken Wing into their program. It's a first for me, and I'm excited to share this special illustrated short story with KU readers.


Will there be a print version down the road? Maybe, although it is a short story, so that may factor into the practicality of a printed version.

It was a fun experience creating an illustrated short story and one I think I will pursue for other short stories in the future. As such, I decided adding it to the KU program would be a great way to start off a series of illustrated short stories.


Look for more illustrated short reads in 2018.


Formatting the illustrations proved trickier than expected because of how Kindle compresses the files. Still, I believe the product my illustrator, Andres Jaramillo, and I put together turned out well.


I'd love to hear from readers how they liked the illustrations and if they'd be interested in future illustrated short reads.


This story first appeared without illustrations in a spring anthology--Crazy Little Spring Called Love.


You can buy the standard version in the anthology, although I personally love the addition of images to the story in the new release. It's a whole new way to read the story.


Are you a KU member? Do you enjoy reading via the KU program?


Give the Girl with a Broken Wing a try and as always, reviews help authors grow, so if you enjoyed what you read, please leave a short review.


Until next time--


Happy Reading!


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