Behind the Scenes of Love Across the Universe: A Character Interview Part 3

August 4, 2017


Love Across The Universe: Twelve Stories of Science Fiction Romance Set on Intergalactic Shores


Published by

Stars and Stone Books


ISBN: 978-0-9977081-8-9
on August 1, 2017
Genres: Science Fiction, Romance






Join me as I interview heroes and heroines from three of the Love Across the Universe stories and learn more about what makes them so interesting–they tell it all, just the way you want it!


This is part three of four character interviews, so be sure to follow the links at the end of this post to see the other three interviews hosted on other blogs! You will want to read ALL of them.


Our first characters are from:

L.J. Longo—“Breathless”


Interviewer: What are your favorite childhood memories of the beach? (Or any vacation spot if the beach wasn’t an option).


Tainjin: Well, I was raised inside a colony inside a giant fusion reactor orbiting Pangaea like a moon, so vacationing wasn’t really a thing. Um… but I love Pangaea’s beach. It absolutely gorgeous especially in the rain when there’s a low fog coming off the water.

*after a moment of silence, he turns to Mott.*

Your turn, Nathan.


Mott: Uh, same.


Tainjin: Talk to the nice interviewer, Nathan.


Mott: Uh, no childhood vacations. My family farmed coffee…then the Northerns blew them up. Then I was in the army, and uh, I don’t really care for the beach.


Tainjin: So not the same at all.


Interviewer: What do you like best about your partner physically, and why?


Mott: His smile. And that he’s always kind to people. And that he works at all these different places and he knows all the workers by name. And… well, he’s also, just look at him, super-cute.


Tainjin: I guess if you’re into skinny Asians. Well, I was going to say the best thing about him is that he’s over six foot and can bench press boulders (and did in earlier drafts, I think), but now I feel like I have to be sincere. Nathan’s best quality is these little moments of gentleness that occasionally get through all that metal and military training.


Interviewer: What drives you crazy about your partner, and why?


*Tainjin pointedly waits for Mott to speak. Mott says nothing and avoids eye-contact.*

Tainjin: That.


Interviewer: If you were offered an obscene amount of money, what would you do with it? Why?


Tainjin: We’d turn it down. Because the people deserve to know the truth. The corporations can’t keep—


*Mott covers his mouth*

Mott: no spoilers.


Interviewer: What’s next for you and your partner?


Tainjin: Pangaea’s entire industry is going to be affected by what happened to the two of us. As the planet’s resource manager, I’ll be on-hand to help people weather the changes. I think my past experience growing-up among scientists uniquely qualifies me to work with the researchers that will be on their way.


Mott: I hope to remain with him. Though I guess, I’m gonna be unemployed.


Tianjin: Nonsense, you’re gonna work for me. *smiles wickedly* You can lift heavy things for my personal enjoyment.




Story number two in our getting-to-know-the-characters interview is:


Oriana Maret—“Renewal”


Interviewer: What do you like best about your partner physically, and why?


Kestrel: I love Mercer’s hands. They are big and gentle and transport me to other worlds. The love in his hands that make me melt.


Mercer: My hands? I thought you said it was my—


Kestrel: Nope. Your hands.


Mercer: *grins* Right, then. I love everything about Kes, but her hair, I mean, look at it. I can get lost in its—


Kestrel: *playful punch* Get a life.


Mercer: I’ve got one. Now. *kisses Kes*


Interviewer: What drives you crazy about your partner, and why?


Kes: Mercer’s pretty closed-mouth. I’ve learned if I don’t like something or can’t understand why he’s doing what he is that I have to ask him for more details.


Mercer: And I’ve learned that Kes is a deep thinker. If I don’t provide more transparency she wanders off the deep end of thoughts and crashes.


Kes: *open mouth* I do not.


Mercer: *raised brow*


Kes: “OK, maybe a little.”


Interviewer: If you were offered an obscene amount of money, what would you do with it? Why?


Kes: That’s easy, I’d invest in a business. I like being independent. But I’d also give other folks help. Maybe seed money for a dream.


Mercer: Kes and I are package deal. I’m with her.


Interviewer: What’s next for you and your partner?


Mercer: I think we’ve earned some time off. Saving worlds is hard—


Kes: Show off. *kisses Mercer* Let’s just stay here on Tab until our skin wrinkles and we need canes to hobble about.


Mercer: *peers deep into Kes’s gaze* Darling, I didn’t know you were a mind reader.





Our final interview is with the characters from:


Cara McKinnon—“The Pirates and the Pacifist”


INTERVIEWER: What are your favorite childhood memories of the beach? (Or any vacation spot if the beach wasn’t an option).


KAIKOA: My whole planet is covered in water, with only a few island chains and atolls. It’s impossible to get away from the beach, so all of my memories include it, good and bad!


DEK: I grew up on a space station. We didn’t really go on vacation. There was a VR kiosk, and I liked the beach programs. The real thing is better, though.


SAMEER: I don’t talk about my childhood.


KAIKOA: <nudges Sam> You agreed to do this.


SAMEER (reluctant): I once found a sea turtle nest. I spent the whole summer watching it and I kept away the predators when they hatched.

<both Dek and Kai stare at Sam in adoring disbelief>


DEK: So are the crew members of Varuna your new baby sea turtles?


SAMEER: No. The turtles knew to go to the water and just needed someone to keep the birds and crabs away. Trying to keep you all in line is more like herding cats.


INTERVIEWER: What do you like best about your partners physically, and why?


KAIKOA: Dek has beautiful golden scales with an iridescent shimmer. When I see the light hit them, it makes my mouth go dry. And Sam is basically walking sex. Everything about him turns me on.

<Sameer snorts>


DEK: I can verify that Sameer is sex personified. That perfect body and those depthless black eyes are enough to make anyone’s heart pound. What I love most about Kai is his hair. It’s so wild and curly and almost has a life of its own.


SAMEER: Kai’s hair is nice, but it’s his hipbones that I find most fascinating.


KAIKOA: <stares in somewhat stunned silence, then coughs> My hipbones?


SAMEER: <shrugs, his lips twitching in an almost-smile> Can’t you tell by how much time I spend gripping them?


KAIKOA: <flushes, and stares at Sameer, who is staring back>


DEK: <clears his throat> What about me?


SAMEER: <yanks both men to his sides, and grins at Dek> Your amazing tongue.


INTERVIEWER: <fans self> Maybe it’s time to take a different tack with these questions. What drives you crazy about your partners(s), and why?


DEK: I think you just witnessed one of the things that drives us crazy about Sam. He’d have us all in bed all of the time if we didn’t have to work for food and fuel.


KAIKOA: Yeah, that drives us crazy, but we wouldn’t change him for the world.


SAMEER: Kai, your easy acceptance of others and tendency to only see the best in people drives me crazy, but sometimes you turn out to be right. Dek, you are never right when you see yourself as a splice first, and a person second. Stop doing that.


KAIKOA: I agree with Sam. We love you for you, Dek.


DEK: <stills, breathing going shallow> I love you both more than I can say.


INTERVIEWER: That’s lovely. Jumping off of the “food and fuel” bit, here’s another question. If you were offered an obscene amount of money, what would you do with it? Why?


KAIKOA: Found free universities across the galaxy where ideas can be exchanged without prejudice and everyone can be taught to think critically.


DEK: Retrofit the Varuna with the best that money can buy.


SAMEER: Take the crew to a resort world and give everyone a portion of the funds and a month to spend it as they like.


INTERVIEWER: What’s next for you and your partners?


KAIKOA: That’s up to Sameer.


DEK: <nods> Sam?


SAMEER: Following our enemy’s trail, picking up side jobs along the way. And lots of time in bed.

<Kai and Dek both squirm as Sam squeezes them, but they relax almost immediately as he gives them each a kiss in turn>


I hope you’ve enjoyed this behind the scenes look at Love Across the Universe. You can get your copy at the following retailers:


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