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Won't You Be Mine?

I'm falling in love with so many Valentine options that I want to create for my shop at Prussian Street Arcade in Manheim, PA. I want to do them ALL!

After all, Valentine's Day is one of the ultimate holidays for romance writers.

Since making them all cannot happen, and believe me I've tried, I've been forced to choose a few of my favorites: heart bath bombs in cute Valentine boxes, luxurious white tea Alice in Wonderland soaps, and vintage Valentine's repurposed into memo pads.

Alice tea party set up with Queen of Hearts candles and White Tea soap
Tea Party

Did I mention how much I love making these gift items?

It's not easy balancing all that tugs on my creative strings. There are times it feels downright impossible. I'm sure many of you can relate to this problem.

I have a seven-year-old grandson living with me who struggles with emotional and sensory overload. He needs a LOT of attention. He has to come first. Sleep tends to come last. Creative endeavors fit in where they can in such a life.

I often think it's the creative side of my life that helps me deal with the realities of a special-needs child. So, I keep working. I drop the balls on occasion, but I go find them and toss them back into the air. It's called Juggling Life. We all do it.

I celebrate small victories and relish the smiles of a little boy who just needs love and understanding.

I'm happy with my latest writing progress. I know I have an avalanche of words to write, but I'm celebrating my achievements as them come along.

I've been working on two writing projects that will be coming to readers soon!

I can share one now, and hopefully, I'll have the go-ahead soon to share the other. Stay tuned for that one.


Lily Barnum is having visions of her

future lover. She's also having ghostly

warnings that say fulfilling her desires

will come with a steep price.

When she finally meets the man she's

been dreaming about, she learns he's

inflicted with a lycanthrope curse. It's a

curse that could kill her.

But the voodoo followers of Bayou John

want her and her elephant, and they

might kill her first.

Proof copies are arriving any day! My illustrated short-story, The Circus Train, will be out soon.

Until then~


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