Fall in Love with the Characters Inside a Sheri Queen Story -


Set in circa 1900–in New Orleans–when the Barnum and Bailey Circus Train stops to perform.


This richly illustrated gothic romance will grab you and won't let you go.

Finding love can be difficult, especially when someone wants your blood.

The Circus Train
(Illustrated Edition)
Born to Love Wild.jpg


Part of Born to Love Wild, the story takes place in modern-day Nashville where two witch sisters make stunning predictions.

Some are born with the gift to see into the future. Others make their own destiny.

The Robinson Agency


Book 2 of the Sleepy Hollow Hunter Series.

With the help of her vampire friend, a wolf shifter, and a ghost witch, Janda battles the Headless Horseman and enters the underworld to save her lover.


Sometimes death isn't what you think.

Crazy Little Spring Called Love.jpg


Standard Edition as part of the fantasy romance anthology.

Discover gods and goddesses, fairies, djinn, druids, mermaids, sirens, and magic of all varieties in this anthology.


Spring awakenings and renewals with a magical twist.

the Girl with a Broken Wing
For Love the Bell Tolls Cover (1).jpg

Six haunting stories of love with a paranormal twist, including a traditional nineteenth century possessed house, lycanthropy and voodoo, zombies, a soul-stealing journal, a reaper for death, and a bargain with the fey folk. This book will tempt you to give in to your darkest desires.

For Love the Bell Tolls


Book 1 of the Sleepy Hollow Hunter Series.

A cross-breed bounty hunter must decide if saving the man she's fallen for is worth the price.

Capturing her prey proves difficult, once he steals her heart.

Bounty Huntress

Illustrated Edition

A broken fairy discovers there's more to a clockmaker than meets the eye.


One damaged fairy. One half-human. One destiny.

the Girl with a Broken Wing
Love Across the Universe 12 stories.jpg


People on Earth live in a world of virtual reality, where even sexual partners meet in virtual settings. Now humans are doing the same on Mars––at the cost of the natural habitat. Choices must be made, and one woman can make all the difference.

If she can only save one thing, which will it be—the red beaches of Mars or a love she can’t imagine living without?

Red Sand

What people are saying about Brimstone

“Paranormal romance and urban fantasy readers will enjoy this version of the tales of Sleepy Hollow. . .There isn't a moment where you will become board [sic] as the author has you jumping down the rabbit hole and unlocking clues that lead to more things to unlock.” – Tamazon, Night Owl Reviews

Praise for Bounty Huntress

"Thanks to Sheri Queen's smooth, immersive style and her penchant for interesting characters, you'll not only want to follow Janda Gray into the Hotel Paranormal, but will soon be clamoring for your own magical room key." ~Heidi Ruby Miller, award-winning author of the Ambasadora series






"A beautifully descriptive, fast-paced tale full of paranormal twists and turns with a dash of romantic heat." ~ Traci Douglass, USA Today Bestselling Author