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-a For Love the Bell Tolls story
Lily Barnum is having visions of her future lover. She's also having ghostly warnings that say fulfilling her desires will come with a steep price. When she finally meets the man she's been dreaming about, she learns he's been inflicted with a lycanthrope curse. It's a curse that could kill her. But the voodoo followers of Bayou John want her and her elephant, and they might kill her first.
Finding love isn’t easy, especially when someone wants your blood.
​Six haunting stories of love with a paranormal twist, including a traditional nineteenth century possessed house, lycanthropy and voodoo, zombies, a soul-stealing journal, a reaper for death, and a bargain with the fey folk. This book will tempt you to give in to your darkest desires.

Featuring Cara McKinnon, Sheri Queen, Serena Jayne, Read Gallo, Kylie Weisenborn, and Heather Sheldon.
Digital $3.99/ Print $15.99
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